Ecommerce Website Design. UK Firm Combining Creative Flair With Technical Expertise

The web has become an online high street in the last few years with UK consumers now happy to purchase all types of goods online. This change in consumer attitude has meant that businesses have had to drastically rethink their e-commerce strategies. We believe that e-commerce is a great supplement to your existing UK business or a viable platform to launch a new business.
We design e-commerce websites with a difference. Focusing on ease of use and presentation, Deckchair believes users of your site want to find products easily, see clear product photography and details before securely purchasing the goods with a credit card payment facility. Order tracking and account management are also standard features.
Designing E-commerce websites for the customer and the UK business owner
The e-commerce website owner's experience should be painless and we design secure administration panels for our e-commerce solutions which make updating and adding to the site straightforward. This gives the UK e-commerce website owner ultimate control over their shop, allowing them to monitor sales and change predefined site elements.
Of course, once you have an e-commerce website, you need to drive people to it, from the UK or elsewhere. Deckchair can ensure that your site is tuned to the needs of UK search engines, including Google, so that you attract precisely the kind of visitors that you want. When you invest in search engine marketing, or any marketing designed to drive people to your site, it's essential that you extract as much value from each visitor as possible. If they don't buy on their first visit, make sure you're encouraging visitors to leave some contact details by offering a newsletter or free report.