Business Website Design Tips And Trends

Websites that convert visitors are cleverly designed to convert business in today's fiercely competitive economy. The attention of a visitor has to be capture and he or she needs to be enticed to stick around and browse ones offering. Most importantly, they have to be converted into potential customers. There are a number of simple business website design trends that offer great effect and owners of big and small business alike are utilizing it successfully.
The minimalistic design has been popular for some time and it has been for a reason. This type of design keeps the user interface simple for a visitor to navigate without becoming confused about where they are at. They will also not become overwhelmed with all the different elements that are vying for his or her attention. Details within the design can easily make a minimalistic design look very sophisticated, modern and fresh.
Page ranks are now affected by the weight of ones pages. In other words, the sites position on search engines is affected by how heavy a site is. Any unnecessary elements and widgets that do not serve a purpose other than 'looking cool' should be removed.
White space between different design elements should be used well. When this is done, it will allow for the page to be scanned more easily. It will also frame the elements on the pages, which looks good. When testing the site, one should get someone else to evaluate it. One tends to be quite set in one's ways, but it will be a good idea to get a neutral person to assess the site for off-putting or confusing elements. The use of color is critical. One should choose a suitable color palette and an accent color that looks good. Color has great meaning and significance, so one should really test how different colors interact.
Unique photography is key to conveying the character of the site. A house on a real estate agents site or the classic handshake litter many business sites and has become a cliche. Using unique images creates a fresher and more independent feel that will make visitors want to stick around for more.
Some sites have had success with abstract images. Budget and time could affect the ability of small business owners to do this, but stock photos are often cheap and easy to access. However, one should stay clear of the cheaper low resolution images. They are bound to display as pixellated and this will look tacky.
Calls to action should be clear. Whether the call is to sign up, download or buy, it should be clear. The page should grab the attention of the visitor and move them to take action. When designing a call to action, one should keep it short and starting with a verb. It sometimes helps to use a word that creates a sense of urgency in the visitor. The call to action should be positioned above the fold and in the same place on all the pages. This can be repeated in the footer of each page.
With these tips, one can go a long way to designing a successful site. All that is left is to promote the site. Professional looking business website design and promotion go together in making a site succeed.