Website Design Trends for 2011

Website design is the look of the website which tells us many things about the purpose of the website. Previously, website designs were only done to give websites a style but now with the advancement of web technology, innovation is taking place by adding fancy tabs and different links. Since there are new inventions and innovations of languages coming in every day, designing has adapted a whole new role of improvising web content with proper looks.
2010 was a rather fast year for web development where we saw the mobile taking over the PC very rapidly. 2011 is predicted as the year for mobile content as more people each day are accessing the web through their mobile devices. This new trend will have an impact on a lot of e-commerce and small business websites because in order to cater to this changing trend, many users will have to get Scalable websites which cater to the iPhone, iPad and the traditional browser at the same time. The latest trend amongst web designers is now the CSS for developing these flexible websites.
Getting a flexible website is quite beneficial for all because there will be no need to create separate and custom made websites dedicated for mobile users only. They will be able to build one website which will serve up the need successfully for various browsing platforms.
Every website is desperate for attention and unfortunately they get only 5 to 10 seconds of it on average, in that short amount of time, you have to grab their attention and if you are successful in retaining the visitor you will have another minute or two to present all the other information. The predicted trend for 2011 is that many websites will incorporate the "editorial layout" which will enable the visitors to find information on the website more easily. Websites with editorial layouts will have concise articles that have sub heading and large images.
The awareness for internet security is increasing day by day and people want assurance that the website they are using for transactions and money handling is secure. In 2011, website security will also be enhanced and people who have trust seals incorporated on their websites will have a better chance of retaining customers and shoppers on their websites. People who incorporate the EV (Extended validation) or the EV SSL certificate will have a better chance of customer conversion and lower desertion rates. The EV SSL certificate seal indicates to customers that this website has been thoroughly examined by a commercial certification authority and interactions with this website are safe.
2011 is the year for web design innovation and invention. There will be a lot more things heading our way once the tablet PC industry goes to competition in full throttle. This year is undoubtedly a turning point and a learning phase for all web designers. A lot of technological advancements are also expected in the near future of web designing and web development as many people are deserting JavaScript and turning towards CSS3. So there it is, quarantining the flash and increasing mobile phone compatibility with websites seem to top the list of the latest trend of 2011, Other things that follow are the increased use of photography, artwork and bold designs are the trends expected for 2011.
When it comes to technology, one can never be too certain about trends because we live in a world where change is taking place faster than we think and each day it is getting harder for normal people to keep up with the change. Some have already given up and are now living in the world where apple and blackberry are still fruits to them.